Practical Skills

At Frontline Educators, we provide our students with realistic mock practical exercises to better prepare them for real life experience.  We immerse our students in interactive scenarios designed to challenge them to think outside the box, recognize safety concerns, and react to the patient’s changing condition.  Our students learn valuable lessons through each scenario that will help them learn and grow as providers in the real world.  Our goal is to create a controlled chaos type environment as the world of EMS is often unpredictable.  The students learn how to expect the unexpected and adapt to overcome obstacles.  While the scenarios are intended to be intense, we find that our students enjoy this type of learning method and have fun while gaining this priceless experience. 

We begin our training with simple structured lessons and increase the skill and difficulty level as they build their knowledge and confidence, until they are competent entry level providers.  We perform skills checks along the way providing guidance.  After becoming proficient in individual skills and building their confidence in talking to mock patients, students will begin running full mock EMS calls.  We integrate scene operations, safety hazards, the need for additional resources, a complex patient condition, packaging the patient for transport, and the transport follow up into each integrated out-of-hospital scenario to better prepare the student for what a real EMS call will be like.  This incorporates the use of a radio, checking their equipment, determining which equipment to bring, communication with and treatment of the patient, communicating with the hospital or a responding ALS unit, and writing a report.  

We feel that providing our students with these experiences better prepares them for practice as EMT’s in volunteer and career agencies.  We value the lessons learned in mock scenarios as they may save the student’s life one day and/or ensure the standard of care is followed. 

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