Josh A. – 2021 EMT Class

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in EMS should take Andy and Megan’s EMT class. If you want to take EMS seriously, learn important and relevant EMS knowledge, and practice life-saving skills in a controlled learning environment then this class is for you. Andy and Megan are a young and energetic wealth of knowledge with tried and true EMS experience. They will offer you the latest and greatest when it comes to EMS knowledge, protocols, and standards. Their class is not only knowledgeable but hands on. You won’t be studying a book the whole time (while reading the text is still critical to success), you will actually be applying the skills you are taught in live training and EMS scenarios. Andy and Megan are also able to call upon a wide range of individuals from former students, active members of local rescue squads and fire departments, to OMDs and local health professionals to aid in their teachings. Andy and Megan will always give their all to ensure every student who is willing to put in the effort will succeed and be a successful and capable EMT. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to bring up the next generation of EMTs!