If you’re looking to take an EMT class where you understand the information, get great practice with hands on skills and have fun then Andy and Megan’s class is for you. I took Andy and Megan’s class back in 2019 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in furthering my education. IContinue reading “Marissa T. – 2019 EMT Class”

Marissa T. – 2019 EMT Class

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in EMS should take Andy and Megan’s EMT class. If you want to take EMS seriously, learn important and relevant EMS knowledge, and practice life-saving skills in a controlled learning environment then this class is for you. Andy and Megan are a young and energetic wealth of knowledge withContinue reading “Josh A. – 2021 EMT Class”

Josh A. – 2021 EMT Class

Andy and Megan are very patient instructors that are both exceptional at making sure their students are comfortable in every task they have to perform, while also taking time out of their own schedule to make the lesson interactive and fun. They also draw attention to the very real situations you might find yourself inContinue reading “Walter C. – 2019 EMT Class”

Walter C. – 2019 EMT Class

Megan and Andy are brilliant and I wouldn’t recommend you look anywhere else. I got my EMT certification so that I could volunteer part time with my local rescue squad. I had no previous background in healthcare. Megan and Andy helped guide me through all of the essential skills I needed to pass my examContinue reading “Jake – 2018 EMT Class”

Jake – 2018 EMT Class

Hands down the best EMT class! If you want a tough, but incredibly hands on EMT course, this is the one for you. You will be challenged at every step but you will enjoy every moment of it. Megan and Andy and their team have so much experience that they run real life scenarios from startContinue reading “Lisa M. – 2020 EMT Class”

Lisa M. – 2020 EMT Class

Megan and Andy are an excellent teaching team who, together, provide a complete package of education to newcomers to the EMS profession. They are both highly skilled EMTs who are dedicated to quality patient care, and they do an excellent job of preparing students for real-world situations. Megan is hard-core; she pushes each student towardContinue reading “Celeste G. – 2019 EMT Class”

Celeste G. – 2019 EMT Class

Megan and Andy are excellent instructors. They expertly blended classroom instruction with our online learning. I always felt I was getting the best instruction and close observation during skills practice. They prepared me well for my EMT-B exam and skills assessments. Most importantly, they created a positive, fun, and inclusive learning environment.  

David C. – 2019 EMT Class
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